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District 186 board members consider e-learning for emergency days

School districts across the state, including Springfield District 186, will have the chance to adopt e-learning for students in cases of inclement weather.

All school districts in the state who want to go that route are required to submit a plan approved by their school board to their Regional Office of Education (ROE) by Wednesday.

Plans could cut down on how many “emergency days” are used, though it would not necessarily make snow days obsolete.

The District 186 board of education was taking a proposal at a special meeting Monday.

All 13,300 students in District 186 are equipped with portable laptops or tablets. Ball-Chatham’s 6,000 or so students also have one-to-one technology.

Ball-Chatham school district approved an e-learning plan in a 6-1 vote at its regular meeting Wednesday.